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Edit crontab with NANO

What is cron? I often need to add some scheduled job on server. I mean something that runs periodically, like every day or every hour. You simply add a command that will run as scheduled and when I say command it can be anything that your system is capable of running. Therefore, it can be shell command or script or even an java application. But let’s look closer how could we set up our own cron task on linux.

Install SSH key

Part 2

In previous post (Part 1) I showed you how to create the SSH key pair. Today we are going to install the public key on server, that we want to use. The point of installing the Public key is to get to the target server, locate the authorized_keys file (usually in home directory inside .ssh folder) and add our public key to this file. There may be other public keys, and we shouldn’t overwrite them with our key, but to append our key at the end of file.

Generate SSH keys on Linux

Part 1

What is RSA/DSA SSH key? SSH is a cryptographic network protocol for initiating text-based shell sessions for secure data communication and/or remote command execution. This connection is useful when user isn’t physically present near the machine. As far as I know, any network service can be secured with SSH. The SSH key consist of public and private key pair. The public key is placed on computer that must allow access to the owner of the matching private key.