Posted by Stefan Kecskes on Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Volcano Falls Adventure Golf is an adventure 65 Million Years in the making, a quest you will never forget. The website is built in old PHP code using MVC pattern, with mainly static content.

This client occasionally request some changes to content, fixing issues or adding some new functionality.

Used skills

  • maintaining code and removing OWASP issues.
  • refactoring where possible and replacing deprecated code
  • working on own, investigating functionality as no documentation was left after last developer
  • using of Pivotal Tracker for tracking issues and preparing future mini projects to improve and fix main issues
  • onsite SEO improvements
  • implementing code into GIT repository
  • provided staging server for stakeholders for approvals and testing change requests and to see the state of latest mini projects
  • fixing design issues using CSS and making sure that website looks good on phones and tablets though design is not responsive
  • implementing contact form which stores subscribers into MailChimp rather than in mySQL.


Volcano Falls