Posted by Stefan Kecskes on Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Snowdon Railway is one of the Heritage Great Britain’s attractions. The website is built in older version of Laravel framework and the cms functions of website are on quite low level. The code is using some PHP5.2 functions and is showing deprecated warnings in logs.

Even so, I was said that the website is considered as quite new one and only servicing of urgent issues was required.

Used skills

  • updating composer dependencies
  • improving CMS functionality, refactoring and replacing deprecated code
  • website uses mySQL with triggers and views
  • working on own, investigating functionality as no documentation was left after last developer
  • using of Pivotal Tracker for tracking issues and preparing future mini projects to improve and fix main issues
  • writing PHPunit tests as the CMS had ZERO code coverage
  • design of website is styled css2
  • implemented gulp and concatenation of many css and js files
  • onsite SEO improvements
  • implementing code into GIT repository
  • provided staging server for stakeholders for approvals and testing change requests and to see the state of latest mini projects


Snowdon Railway