Posted by Stefan Kecskes on Friday, June 1, 2012


My-wardrobe was a stylish online luxury fashion boutique with a office in central London and store in Nottingham. It was selling menswear and womenswear mainly in UK and was also trying to expand globally, mainly to Europe and Australia. As a web developer I was responsible for building pixel perfect weekly javascript features, newsletters, coding new features on website, like loyalty scheme or filtering items on listing pages. I also helped to design the homepage and was part of team working on CMS system built in Symfony 2.

Used skills

  • internal framework in PHP (object-oriented website) with PSR-2 autoloader
  • implementing checkout built in symfony 1 framework
  • mySQL (database)
  • users and products management in NetSuite
  • coding scripts for generating xml, csv (feed exports for various affiliates)
  • developing tiers systems to divide customers into groups, each collecting points for each purchase and assigning them incentives. Also building tiers management tool for management.
  • Varnish (caching the original site on multiple servers, 300-400 users in any time, peaking to 1000 users in anytime when newsletter was sent out or 20 000 users when my-wardrobe was on TV)
  • Using AWS (deploying to Amazon EC2 servers and using S3 storage for static content)
  • Setup CDN servers for AWS S3 storage
  • Javascript - because of using many javascript and jquery libraries and creating mainly effects for featured pages made by our inhouse designers
  • dealing with designers and marketing and management to fulfill their requests on website functionality heavily improved my interpersonal skills too
  • code repository hold in SVN and later moved GIT
  • preparing email templates with products and setting up email newsletter campaigns in Salesforce
  • The website was deployed through FTP.