Posted by Stefan Kecskes on Tuesday, January 1, 2013


TalkTalk offers many services like broadband, tv packages, telephone and mobile phone services. The part of company responsible for talktalk mobile phones has worked together with Carphone Warehouse Online Solutions in time, when I was working there. I was one of two developers in CPW working on talktalk projects.

I was developing vouchers system which could be applied in checkout process to the account. I was also fixing issues with feeds and taking care of updating the website with promotions. This involved adding logical pieces of code and also styling in css and javascript the frontend changes to the design. The main project I was involved in was developing API service with Indian data center and implementing API client into talktalk website, which was responsible for catching all orders and sending them in real time to API server. This process should replace the old way of sending xml file once a day at the end of each day.

Used skills

  • CPWOS’s own internal framework in PHP (object-oriented website) called COSMOS, not compliant with PSRs
  • refactoring of spaghetti code
  • improving and optimizing mySQL database queries
  • resolving issues in internal tracking system and in JIRA
  • developing vouchers systems, which could be applied to customers orders in checkout process. Also building vouchers management tool for management.
  • Javascript to make the UI more friendly and intuitive
  • code repository was in SVN and later moved GIT
  • Improving PHPunit tests code coverage and fixing wrong tests. The commits to repo were checked by continuous integration tool.
  • The website was deployed through continuous deployment Bamboo


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