Posted by Stefan Kecskes on Monday, February 1, 2016


The Land’s End Hotel belongs under the Heritage Great Britain’s. It’s hotel placed next to Land’s End in the very south-west part of British Isles.

Used skills

  • analysing requests and preparing proposal based on requested functionality
  • own CMS, built on top of Laravel framework using composer and PSR4 autoloader. CMS in version of Laravel 5.0
  • mySQL for storing all data
  • using of Pivotal Tracker splitting all tasks into doable tickets and for tracking progress
  • styled up using bootstrap 3 and CSS 3. Javascript used for effects, sliders, menu and other User Interface improvements (mostly jquery libraries), Styles extracted from PSD design.
  • using GIT code repository
  • provided staging server for stakeholders for approvals and change requests and to see the progress of project’s current state


Landsend Hotel on desktop

Landsend Hotel on mobile