Posted by Stefan Kecskes on Sunday, June 1, 2014


Land’s End Landmark is one of the Heritage Great Britain’s attractions. It’s located on the far south-west point of the British Isles. Their webpage was very old, the code was static and didn’t offer CMS functionality. Design wasn’t responsive and wasn’t very attractive in means of today’s design of websites.

The developers team basically was one persons team. The project had needs of special functionality, and therefore I decided to develop own CMS exactly for the needs of the website.

Used skills

  • development started with Laravel 4.2 as framework using composer and PSR4 autoloader
  • on top of Laravel I started to develop CMS (backend and frontend, users and pages administration)
  • the CMS have list of prepared templates which can be used to display filled information
  • mySQL for storing all data locally
  • working on own, gathering information about website needs from agreed proposal and requests list and asking questions about functionality
  • implemented usage of Pivotal Tracker for tracking progress, planning tickets for each task, tracking current state of project and managing priorities
  • design based on Bootstrap 2, css and javascript (mainly jquery libraries) extracted from PSD designs
  • implemented code repository in GIT
  • provided staging server for stakeholders for approvals and change requests and to see the progress of project’s current state


Land’s End Landmark