Posted by Stefan Kecskes on Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Carphone Warehouse is dealer of mobile phones and sim card services for major operators in the United Kingdom and has great resellers programs. One of the main in house resellers is E2save.

E2save website is trying to concentrate on budget type of customers, not always pushing the latest iPhones and Android phones but the other cheapest ones rather. The main website was used since Carphone Warehouse was founded and was based on very old code and design. Refactoring and covering it in new design would not fix the main issues.

I was working on project to build first responsive website for Carphone Warehouse from mobile up to desktops.

Used skills

  • built on Symfony 2.5 framework using composer and PSR4 autoloader
  • we selected Apache SOLR Lucene to cache deals, make listing queries and filtering. Reasons were vey quick queries as there were previous issues with mySQL speed.
  • working in agile team of 4 developers, with daily scrums and weekly iterations with management.
  • Using JIRA for tracking progress, status and manage weekly iterations.
  • developing from the scratch using TDD - first writing test by one developer and then developing code by other developer. Using both cucumber (behaviour testing) and PHPUnit (unit testing aiming for 90% coverage)
  • using Vagrant box to provide same environment for every developer.
  • based on Bootstrap, css3 media queries and javascript effects for intuitive UI.
  • code repository in GIT, using branching system.
  • continuous deployment Bamboo