Posted by Stefan Kecskes on Sunday, March 1, 2009


Apis Company employs around 10+ developers which develop many biometric systems and provide hardware solutions to security. The website was presenting all the software and hardware we were providing.

Used skills

  • php (forms processing)
  • xml (the html data)
  • xslt (stylesheets)
  • CVS - cvs tortoise versioning system
  • FTP

Compiler generated static xHTML 1.0 Strict files from data in xml and xslt. New full website was compiled each time when any data in xml changed. The website was build as templating system, where data were stored in xml files and were connected together through layout templates. The xml files were styled by using own defined xslt. The styles were imported inline to html tags at compiling process. The website was deployed through FTP.


Apis 1

Apis 2