Hello World, Hello Blog

Posted by Stefan Kecskes on Friday, January 10, 2014


I would like to present some stuff I’m working on or was working on, to show you what level of expertise you can expect from me, in case you hire me.

I’m mainly a backend developer, that’s what I enjoy the most. I code web applications and style up using the latest technologies on the web (at least I’m trying to). But I also like the way where the current front end is moving (using Bower packages or rather newer npm packages, compiling Less or Sass and preparing application builds using Gulp) I know how to make some quite nice tricks with onsite SEO, speed up the page to load under 600 miliseconds, implement caching, loadbalancer, varnish etc.. I know, I know, all these shortcuts may seem quite strange at first look (maybe are strange on second look too), but after closer look we can say that: Hey, this is all cool stuff and is here to make our life easier. :). You will never hear me ranting about some tools, but you may hear me explaining why is one better than another.

I may miss some things which I do, not on purpose, but because there is so many of them. I can also assure you, that if you think about something around websites, I probably used it, coded it or implemented it, therefore don’t hesitate and let me help you to fix your website issue.

Sometimes I feel so much thoughtful and there is just no place where to put all my points of view. These pieces of text should be about my hobby, which is coding (mainly in PHP and javascript), databases (mySQL, mongoDB), building HTML (using CSS, LESS, SASS, Gulp) and Unix systems administration.